Where your focus goes, the energy flows.

Put your focus on fearing getting in the water to swim at the start of a race and guess what, you’ll be fair sh*tting yourself the moment you step in!  The brain is a powerful thing there is absolutely no doubt about it.  You can see how simple it can be to fall victim to your own mindset if you’re an athlete.  On the flip side if your mental game is dialled in your chances of success are significantly amplified.  As the saying goes “It’s all in your head”

Being highly self actualised and self aware is one of the first steps to take when working on your mindset.  By gaining an understanding of your intrinsic motivators; why you are truely doing what you are will lead to far greater connection between the mind and body.  From there you will become more trusting in your thoughts and ultimately more engaged in your training and racing because you truely understand what it is that is driving you forward.

Mindset plays a significant role in my coaching platform.  If you want to hear more about how I can help you perform at your peak get in touch. You can also click here to see a very good book on the topic written by George Mumford.