One on one coaching


Elevate’s One on One Coaching is a partnership incorporating all the elements that make up peak performance.  Being individually coached means no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of success.  The Coaching Team will work on everything from mindset through to identifying optimal training load with the help of Heart Rate Variability.  Whether you are shooting for the podium or simply using endurance sport as a vehicle to improve your wellbeing you’ll have a dedicated team of professionals steering you towards achieving your goals.

One on One coached athletes start with an initial consultation to better understand your goals and lifestyle in more detail.  We’ll then carry out testing to build training zones and your training roadmap with Training Peaks.  From there training is built and reviewed weekly all the while following your personal roadmap to success.  Training plans are delivered seamlessly through Training Peaks which is also used to perform analysis and produce insight into your progress which is reviewed weekly in a coach/athlete meeting. 

Regular communication and feedback is one of the cornerstones of success in a coaching partnership. By regularly sharing thoughts and having open and meaningful conversations we can be far more effective in building plans and strategies increasing your chances of achieving individual peak performance. In parallel with the physical side of training we will work on all other aspects of individual peak performance ranging from nutrition and mindset through to recovery, sleep, stress management and strategy. If you are looking for a truely holistic coaching partnership Elevate’s One on One Coaching is for you.

Support is provided by daily workout analysis & feedback via Training Peaks, unlimited email/text/phone or Skype and weekly coach/athlete progress reviews.

One on One coached athletes have the benefit of, a free Premium Training Peaks account, free monthly supply of MitoQ product as well as 20% discount storewide at Nutrition Store Online and MitoQ.

$100 weekly paid 4 weeks in advance

Student discount of 25% applies to this coaching option

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