Paul Cadman  Certified Nutrition & I

Paul Cadman
Certified Nutrition & Ironman University Coach

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With a background of being an accomplished sportsman whilst balancing a successful corporate career, Paul now coaches others to reach their potential. Driven on seeing clients get results, and with a record of doing just that, means Paul is now a highly sought after coach by corporates and athletes internationally.

Paul’s passion in life has always been sport – football, triathlon and cycling, all to a competitive level. His life journey, the challenges and experiences, led him to a realisation that he was also passionate about helping people live a more fulfilled life. With the addition of a Graduate Certificate in Nutrition, BBS Major in Sports Management, and being a certified Ironman Coach, Paul is well equipped to assist a wide range of people in achieving their goals. As a husband and father who competed alongside working a high powered corporate job, Paul understands the demands of balancing life and training. A plan for living which is tailored, realistic and achievable is part of his recipe of success.   

Working with corporates, Paul facilitates coaching sessions which enable participants to identify things in their lives they want to change. Participants are guided through sessions with the aim of living life as a ‘Well Being’. You can expect to learn more self-awareness, how sleeping patterns, nutrition, and exercise can make you more effective in your work, family and home life.  When empowered with a toolkit to manage stress and create multiple pathways to success, participants gain confidence and motivation to implement steps and see the results. 

The first thing clients say about Paul is his ability to understand where they are at and work alongside them to overcome the barriers preventing them from achieving their goals.  Paul keeps things simple, focused and relevant. If you are serious about making changes in your life, you need Paul and his pragmatic solutions on your team.

Paul Cadman, Elevate Coaching

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