Paul Cadman  Certified Nutrition & I

Paul Cadman
Certified Nutrition & Ironman University Coach

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We all get a kick out of achieving something; for me, the thrill comes from supporting others to achieve their goals and dreams.

With years of experience at a competitive level in football, triathlon and cycling, I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact that optimal nutrition and exercise can have. My coaching philosophy borrows the best from the latest global research, incorporates my qualifications in nutrition and endurance coaching, and is built on the foundation of a successful corporate career – where I learnt that having challenging, achievable goals, while having fun and engaging experiences, can help people perform at their best.

And that’s what I’m passionate about: helping people get the nutritional know-how to drive everyday wellbeing and performance, while motivating and supporting others to be successful in their chosen sport.

From experience, I know that coaching is a partnership and a privilege; but it’s also a two-way street that requires mutual investment. The good news is, success breeds success. As well as having experimented first-hand with a range of different nutrition and training principles in my own pursuit of success, I hold a Graduate Certificate in Nutrition, am a Certified Ironman Coach and have a BBS Major in Sport Management.

Whatever you are pushing yourself to achieve, whether healthy and balanced nutritional support for you and your family or success at an endurance event like Ironman, I’d love to be by your side. As a husband and father too, I understand the pressures of modern life, and that a ‘one glove fits all’ approach to nutrition and training doesn’t work.  That’s why I work with each client to keep things relevant and focussed, taking into account your lifestyle, goals and budget. The result is the best combination of achievement and challenge to see you not only reach, but exceed your goals.

My practice, Elevate Coaching, is based on Auckland’s North Shore, but I work with people all over the world. Give me a call today if you’re ready to chase your goals and elevate your performance to the next level.